Liectroux Gyro is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner from Liectroux. this come with a smart memory and knows where it has not cleaned therefore reducing repetition rate to 1%. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

It support time scheduling so that complete the cleaning even when you are outside home. return to charger once cleaning is completed.


  • ELECTRONIC MAPPING - The robot will detect your entire environment and build up a map inside the CPU to develop a cleaning plan one room after another. Senses different environments and adjust direction accordingly. Anti-fall system detects stairs to avoid falling.
  • MOPS, CLEANS, SWEEPS, VACUUMS - Electric control water tank ensures continuous wet mopping for up to 100 minutes. The design of interchangeable dustbin and water tank makes robot work more effectively and clean more thoroughly. The suction power is adjustable to choose quieter modes Robot’s voice will remind you when the dustbin requires emptying.
  • ALL HOUSEHOLD ENVIRONMENTS - Apply to different floors: low/hard carpet within height of 1 cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles for home, hotel room and office. WiFi app control can show real time working route of the robot. Design of central roller prevents being entangled by wires.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The built in memory knows where it has not cleaned therefore reducing repetition rate to 1%. Primary filter with HEPA filter avoids the secondary air pollution.
  • VOICE COMMANDS – Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant